Shortly after its initial announcement in September 2013, Valve in early 2014 revealed fourteen partners who would manufacture the Steam Machines, departure was estimated at the end of 2014. Apparently there was something unexpected with the design of Steam Controller complications and functionality, forcing Valve to redesign it four or five times. In addition to the operating system SteamOS was in beta, the company decided to delay Gabe Newell Steam Machines for both the Steam Controller as SteamOS, could throw in their respective versions end with the machines.

Steam Controller and SteamOS finalized: Valve is preparing to launch the Steam Machines in early March


Alienware Alpha Steam Machine

According to several sources, Valve finally has  prepared to announce the official launch of Steam Machines during the 2015 GDC (Games Developer Conference), which will take place in early March. For this reason Valve did not present at CES 2015.

This implies radical changes in the PC gaming scene. First, Microsoft will have some serious competition in the field of gaming PCs, as many business or hardware manufacturers could start selling their equipment with SteamOS, and many gamers may choose to download SteamOS rather pay a license for Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 which will come come out later this year. Not only that, but many Steam Machines will be cost you about $500 and will be equipped with specific hardware to compete with the Playstation 4 and Xbox One.

Although they still didn’t show the final design of Steam Controller, but we are anxious to see what was the final choice. The only thing left now is that gaming companies to develop more ports to Linux, so that the catalog of games is more varied, apart from only move to SteamOS independently.

Here we have all four design of Steam Controller:





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