As reported by Reddit users and the ResetEra forum, Valve has reset Steam user accounts whose store / currency was configured to buy games in Argentine pesos. Users from several countries in Europe, the United States and even Brazil, confirmed that their accounts were restored to their currency and country of origin.

As reported by SteamDB a few days ago, Valve implemented a new measure that makes Steam users only be able to change the store once every three months, in addition to the fact that Valve had previously incorporated locks for users from other countries who used other currencies like Argentine peso, they could not buy through VPN.

Steam’s regional pricing means that the cost of a game varies from country to country, depending on the cost of living and other factors. It is still up to publishers or developers to set a cost to accept suggested price by Valve, but regional prices are largely intended to make buying games fairer for those who would normally have to pay an extremely high price for a game in relative to their income.

In Argentina, for example, an average salary is around $ 250-300 (at the unofficial exchange rate, which is currently $ 165-170 pesos) and a title from the large publishers can cost up to $ 600 or more, since all the Digital items purchased abroad have a 64% tax (8% of the PAIS tax, 21% VAT and 35% of the tax on the purchase of dollars). This means that a AAA game can cost up to 1/6 or 1/8 of your salary

Although there are users from countries where a game costs US $ 59.99 (like Guilty Gear Strive, for example) it may not seem so expensive, but why pay US $ 59.99 when they can afford it US $ 6.80 in Argentina? It is clear that the temptation is very great, especially in those dollarized or European countries where the cost is the aforementioned or even higher, but it was time for Valve to increase measures so that who have less can buy games at a price according to their income, and they are not affected by the measures that publishers take when it becomes evident that users from other countries buy in Argentina, forcing publishers and developers to increase their prices.

It has already happened with Capcom, Bandai Namco and other publishers and developers, and we hope that Valve continues to put obstacles so that at some point, the games of these and other publishers have a price more in line with the basic or average salary of Argentines, such as also from other countries such as Pakistan where the average salary is not that high, and yet Pakistani citizens have to pay quite high costs for a game.

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