The steam released latest survey pertaining to its platform last November, which reveals that the 35.36 percent of the players have Windows 7 64-bit operating system followed by a Windows 10 64-bit spread like wildfire and Windows 8.1 in third place.

Steam: 54% Gamers Game With NVIDIA Geforce and 76% with Intel CPU


Regarding the graphic cards park, 54.51 percent of the players have a Graphics card from NVIDIA camp, AMD / ATI is left with a 26.32 percent and Intel at third place with 18.71 percent of users with Intel integrated graphics, which are blessed with titles like DOTA 2 which doesn’t require a powerful graphics card to run the game. From these graphics cards, 67 percent they are compatible with the API DirectX 12.

The top three most used Graphics cards are the GeForce GTX 970 (5.98%), GeForce GTX 760 (5.18%) and Geforce GTX 750 Ti (3.38%).

We ended up with processors, Intel dominates solo with a share of 76.36 percent compared to 23.64 percent of AMD.

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