DirectX 12 will help to better exploit the potential of multi-core processors, and as a result get smoother animation in games. What gains should I expect? The first tests and presentations showed an increase in performance by up to 100 – 170%, but recent message which is coming from the President of the studio Stardock (in charge of the Galactic Civilizations series of games) caused a storm in Media.

Brad Wardell has posted surprising information on his twitter profile – he carried out a test in which the platform with 8-core processor and graphics card yet unreleased gained 13FPS in DirectX 11 and up to 120FPS in DirectX 12. Tests were carried out with the active light effects and ghosting.


Although we have here a lot of unknowns (including applications which tests were tested, as measured by performance and graphics card that matter), but nearly 10-times increase in performance is very impressive – almost unbelievable. If you believe Brad Wardell, the new API may have a higher potential than we think. For more information about DirectX 12 will be announced at GDC in March 2015.

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