No, it’s not a joke, the NVIDIA TITAN Xp that we expected as a collector’s edition is none other than the Star Wars NVIDIA Titan Xp Collector’s Edition, which can be acquired by fans of the Jedi Order or the Galactic Empire, that’s why we can already enjoy it with a touch of red LED lighting for lovers of the Dark Side or green for those of the Side of Light with the logos of both factions to match.

Regarding the specifications, nothing changes, this NVIDIA TITAN Xp comes with a full GP102 silicon that translates into 3840 CUDA Cores with 240 TMUs at a Turbo frequency of 1582 MHz that yields a computational performance of  12.15 TFLOPs (vs. 10.97 TFLOPs of the TITAN X Pascal) connected to 12 GB of GDDR5 memory @ 11.4 GHz (vs 10 GHz) maintaining the bus width @ 384 bits, but thanks to the increase in the memory speed we reached a bandwidth of 547.7 GB / s (480 GB / s).

Despite being a special edition, “it’s not expensive”, as it will arrive in mid-November for $ 1,200. Now comes the bad news, it will go on sale only in the United States, United Kingdom, France and Germany, so if you want Star Wars NVIDIA TITAN Xp Collector’s Edition you will have to contact the stores in those countries.

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