[RUMOR] Disney and EA signed an exclusive agreement to develop Star Wars games on May 2013. Last year we had Star Wars: Battlefront, for 2016 they are planning to launch a Star Wars RPG ‘Star Wars: Imperial Commando‘ developed by Visceral Studios (still a rumor, not officially announced) and in 2017, will be the turn of the long-awaited sequel to Republic Commando.

 Star Wars: Imperial Commando will come to PC and consoles at the end of 2017 – First Details


The person who leaked this information via Reddit, claims to be working on an ARG (alternate reality game) that require a Smartphone, a camera and a lot of knowledge about the universe of Star Wars. The hardcore fans will appreciate knowing the details.

The Star Wars: Imperial Commando will be unveiled in early February, if you visit the site, a login screen appears to us. To enter, a user name and password. Those who have played Republic Command know Usernames (RC-1138, RC-1262, etc) while the password can be anything.


After entering, it will have a countdown and pre-game logo. The final logo, of course, will be better designed and will include the full name. The countdown clock to mark June 15, so we can expect that they will present a 3 minute trailer at E3 2016. Below I have summarized the details.

  • It will launch in late 2017
  • It will be available for PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo NX
  • It will use the graphics engine Frostbite 4
  • The main focus will be on the campaign
  • The most important feature is that you have online cooperative up to 4 players
  • Each player has unique abilities and gadgets. The leader, RC-1138, may give orders to others
  • HUD and helmet will be even more important than in Republic Commando
  • It is very likely that the scenarios presented destruction and have an impact on them
  • Since it will be a game focused on the narrative, you will have a huge campaign with 20+ hours of gameplay, covering several planets in the universe of Star Wars
  • There will be an app that can be used as a second screen (Pipboy style of Fallout 4) for weapons, gadgets, radar, etc.
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