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Star Wars: Battlefront will launch on November 17 – First Screenshot and Teaser


The official site of Star Wars: Battlefront has leaked accidentally – the release of the new title of DICE. The source code of the website reveals that Star Wars: Battlefront will out for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on November 17, 2015.


Here is the first screenshots:


In Star Wars: Battlefront appear passages in which we play on both sides of the power – good (Republic, Rebellion, New Republic) and bad (Separatists, the Empire). Playable characters represented as one and the other side is of the heroes, who in fact will also appear in Awakening Force. Floks of the EA and DICE are in fact invited to Pinewood Studios, where he became acquainted with the details of the latest installment of the film series.

In addition to the single player campaign in the Star Wars: Battlefront will also appear in the multiplayer mode. In the network at the same time fights will be able to attend 64 players from both sides. Unfortunately, in this topic, there have been yet no details.

At the end of the trailer for the new film there is a small box where you can see a small sample of what will be the game. DICE took over the small easter egg and confirmed that what we are seeing in the video below is a direct capture from the game engine.