Star Wars Battlefront: Death Star is the next great expansion pack for the game. Dice will add additional maps, weapons and will also bring Chewbacca as the new playable hero in the game modes. Along with Chewie, Bossk the bounty hunted will also be available.

Another novelty will be special maps around the Death Star and even players can replicate the iconic chase scenes between the walls of the installation, as in Episode IV – A New Hope.

Below you can see the teaser trailer of Star Wars Battlefront: Death Star.

After the release of the Death Star pack, due in the autumn, there’s one more pack, which EA’s still being coy about. What’s the betting it’ll be tying in with this year’s Rogue One, set in the same timeline that Star Wars Battlefront finds itself in?

Star Wars Battlefront: Death Star will be released in September for PS4, Xbox One and PC.