[Rumor] Star Wars: Battlefront is a game that promises to be very interesting. Companies EA and DICE have acknowledged that this is a project which is currently marked as one of the highest priorities. Even so, for this tactical shooting still know relatively little. Jason Ward (founder of the portal Making of Star Wars), has recently published an article filled with curiosities, which strongly heat up the atmosphere around the title.

Rumor: Star Wars: Battlefront: A Game with a very Extensive Story


Let us remember, that all information contained in this news may be false, but the portal Making of Star Wars is characterized by a rather good verifiability.

Get to the point. Star Wars: Battlefront will reportedly very extensive and immersive role-playing campaign covering almost the entire Star Wars saga, but most times it is rather the original trilogy. The campaign is to be longer than its typical shooters, as all the famous battle we have played alone (they are replaced by the cutscenes). Developers have prepared a few (but not much) missions that are ongoing between the Jedi and the Awakening Back Force.

In Star Wars: Battlefront appear passages in which we play on both sides of the power – good (Republic, Rebellion, New Republic) and bad (Separatists, the Empire). Playable characters representing as one and the other side is the heroes, who in fact will also appear in Awakening Force. Floks of the EA and DICE are in fact invited to Pinewood Studios, where he became acquainted with the details of the latest installment of the film series.

In addition to the single player campaign in the Star Wars: Battlefront will also appear in the multiplayer mode. In the network at the same time fights will be able to attend 64 players from both sides. Unfortunately in this topic there is yet no details.

The information published on the Making of Star Wars also shows that in the game Battlefront will be a system of “hero”. During the fighting, and all sorts of missions will earn points, which then spend it on the chance to play “hero” is. It exhibits additional skills and better efficiency. Also here specifics are not known.

Last disclosed information is an aggressive program of DLC.

The premiere of Star Wars: Battlefront is planned for the end of this year, probably about a month before its cinema debut film Star Wars: Episode VII – The Force Awakens. Whereas the target platforms are personal computers and consoles PS4 and Xbox One.

Source: Making of Star Wars, ModDB

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