As has happened to the conferences so far, EA also had his moment of glory when they first showcased the expected gameplay of Star Wars Battlefront, and the results were very surprising. The trailer of the demo lets us see a confrontation reminiscent of the Battle of Hoth, the second film in George Lucas series – Episode V or, failing. We can see the mighty AT-AT and AT-ST relentless, mingling with soldiers of the Empire and the rebels, while the sky is filled with X-Wings, TIE Fighters airspeeders and, in a scene worthy of admiration.

Star Wars: Battlefront – EA released Trailer, Gameplay and release date


According to DICE, will be heroes of both factions (including the same Darth Vader), air battles between X-Wings, TIE Tie Fighters and the Millenium Falcon, although there will be space battles. Regions such as Hoth, Tatooine, Sullust and others that have not yet been unveiled. There is also talk of a planet-spitting lava refers to the film 83, as in other novels in the series. Something important to note is the ability to switch between first and third person, as well as support two players in split-screen.

Star Wars: Battlefront is also being developed by DICE on Frostbite 3 and have a release date for November 17.