Last week, DICE announced a free trial of the second expansion pack for the Star Wars Battlefront, named Bespin. The owners will be able to experience the DLC two different times without purchasing the DLC.

According to the reports, the Bespin DLC will run from Friday, August 19th till the Sunday, August 21st. While the second trial will take place one month later for a week, running from Monday September 12th till Sunday September 18th. Dates for the free trial were revealed as DICE updated its game’s event calender, while there’s isn’t any official press release or update from DICE.

Bespin, the second DLC was released in June which adds two characters in the game, one hero and the other one villain. Furthermore, it brought new maps, new cloud vehicles, new weapons and Star cards and some other stuff as well. The DLC costs for $15 for those who want to purchase it individually, while it is included in $50 Season Pass also.

The trial will help players in trying out the expansion pack and making up their mind whether to purchase it or not. Next DLC named Death Star was announced lately, which will be released in September and the fourth and final DLC was also announced by the studio named as Rogue One, which is based on new Star Wars movie Rogue One. Both of the new expansion packs will add two new playable characters, one as a hero and one as the villain, with some maps and weapons.

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Source: Star Wars

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