While EA will show Star War Battlefront 2 gameplay today at 4 PM during its EA PLAY show, someone has leaked a twelve-minute video of the pre-alpha version.

Star War Battlefront 2 – Leaked Gameplay Video

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The video shows the heroes like Darth Maul, King, Boba Fett. The gameplay seems to be faster than in the previous Battlefront, and the graphics have undoubtedly improved a bit (especially lighting).

Furthermore, the PlayStation Blog also updated the interview with the creative executive Steve Blank where he responded about the development of this story which will be filling 30 year gap.

According to him, they have been discussing about the future of Star Wars with the EA and the writers of both the episodes who also did their homework to came up with the story.

In the leadup to The Force Awakens, we had started to develop a series of new stories that were starting to fill in some of that gap in time. These guys had read all of that material: Claudia Grave’s Lost Stars, Chuck Lendig’s Aftermath, Greg Rucka’s Shattered Empire, all these different pieces.

So when they came with their pitch, they had already integrated all those ideas we had started to put out into the world. So when they shared all of this with us, we were immediately on board. It was a fascinating prospect to do this in a game space, to tell these stories more visually. You get great visuals in a comic, but with the novels you don’t get a great visual element. It felt like a space rich to explore in a game.

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