SanDisk SanDisk has released a capacity of up to 4TB of SSDs, almost equal to traditional mechanical hard drives, SSDs reversed the situation without capacity, also known as next year will be doubled to 8TB. Seagate to take the lead back immediately declared next year will bring 8TB, 10TB of mechanical hard to defend the last piece of territory.

SanDisk will Release 16Tb SSDs in 2016 

But things are not finished. SanDisk’s heart is more wild, did not intend to give any chance of mechanical hard drives, ready to double every year, the year after it came up with a 16TB!

SanDisk product and marketing director Manuel Martull program in an interview, said: “In our opinion, to 4TB really just a starting point, we will continue to double capacity annually, far bypassing traditional mechanical hard drives.”

SanDisk subsequently reconfirmed official, will be released 6TB, 8TB capacity 2.5-inch solid state drive specifications of next year, but declined to comment on the long-term roadmap.

But according to the posture of view, 2016 16TB is entirely possible. So go out, tired vomiting mechanical hard drive would not be able to recover it.

In fact, the capacity is only part, SanDisk hopes to start from 2017, enterprise and data center level SSDs and mechanical hard to achieve the same unit capacity price, and then with higher performance super easy to replace them.

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