While the cost of solid state drives (SSD) has been declining steadily over the past three years, GB (Gigabyte) still has an extra cost of 18 cents compared to a hard disk drive (HDD). However, if prices continue to fall at the current rate, then this difference could be reduced to just 11 cents per gigabyte in 2017, according to DRAMeXchange.

SSD would cost the same as a HDD in 2017


This year will be when SSDs offer a difference, so small price that will rent more purchase than an HDD, so it is expected that mechanical hard disk less than 1TB spend almost better life exist only models too where high density SSDs still have a long way to go.

“PC vendors and distributors are holding buying SSDs because notebook sales are lower than expected,” Chen told Computer World . “However, the 256GB SSD will move near price parity with conventional hard drives in 2016, so the adoption of SSD in the laptop segment will increase.”

Although SSD prices have steadily declined in recent years, the HDD prices have remained rather consistent, falling only 3 cents per gigabyte from 2012-2015.


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