RAM prices do not stop rising and unfortunately, the popular solid state drives (SSD) will continue to rise in price too. This has been indicated by the market intelligence analyst TRENDFOCUS, which revealed that from the current quarter to the fourth quarter of the year, SSD prices will continue to grow by up to 36 percent. These price hikes are like here to stay until 2017 has run its course, with projections of price reductions only materializing in early 2018.

toshiba hg6 ssd series

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It is expected that these price increases will begin to stop the trend of including SSD storage in OEM computers and portable equipment below the mid-range, as the increase cost of this type of storage will negatively affect the price of the equipment by making them go out for sale.

There is a shortage of NAND Flash memory due to the high demand of tablets and smartphones, the demand of smartphones with 4 and 6 GB of RAM is increasing in the market and we know that when there is a shortage, prices rise, hence the RAM has also been affected.

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