The new Crystal Dynamics title based on Marvel’s Avengers had sales well below expectations, and publisher Square Enix has reported a loss of $ 62 million.

The news was given by David Gibson from Astris Advisory Japan KK, who reported that the game would have cost $ 100 million, but only managed to raise around $ 3 million across all platforms, without specifying the number of copies sold in each one.

While Crystal Dynamics has already announced several changes and improvements for Marvel’s Avengers, it is highly unlikely that the foundations of the game will change much. Hopefully it improves and both the publisher and the developer can recover, and achieve something good like what Hello Games did with No Man’s Sky, or Bethesda with Fallout 76, which has improved a lot with its latest updates. Though, Anthem is another case similar to Avengers, and Bioware is developing a redesign of several of its features, loot system and more.