The PS4 already has the first emulator for PC, Spine, although it has several drawbacks, and the first of them is that for now it only works under the Linux operating system.

Another problem is that although it is already capable of running around 50 games, all of them have a high level of glitches in the form of artifacts and, of course, poor performance, so don’t expect to play God of War or Spider-Man in the short term, since the games shown are graphically very basic and as on very advance level they showcased game name Broken Sword. This emulator can be downloaded already as a demo from the following link (let me remind you again, for now its only for Linux Operating system).

Considring a very mature emulator like RPCS3 emulator for PS3, still facing a hard time running the Triple A titles on the PlayStation 3 perfectly, so it stands to reason that we have several years ahead of us to be able to run God of War @ 4K / 60 FPS with this PS4 Emulator. In the opposite case we had the Nintendo Switch emulator, and it is not normal that in such a short time this emulator advanced so fast and now capable of running Zelda: BOTW @4k/60FPS!

According to the developer of PS4 Emulator for PC:

“I keep working on it every day. The video shows the best parts of the games I’ve tried, apart from the 20 shown here, another 30 are included (although usually with worse effects than the ones shown here), ~ 150 are at the introductory level – meaning they try to draw something and over 80 don’t (so about 20% / 50% / 30% though it’s a bit biased since I tend to try simpler games), “said devofspine , creator of the mod, on the Reddit forums .

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