Although domestic sales of smartphones are moving up quickly, but still a lot of the core technology of domestic companies has to do some homework. China has the IC as a key task, but when you talk about the investment in semiconductor manufacturing and high technology content the current leaders are the United States, Japan and Taiwan. Currently 300mm wafer production capacity in South Korea and Taiwan companies with the likes of Samsung and Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. Ltd accounted for 56% of capacity.

South Korea and Taiwan controlled 56% of the world’s 300mm wafer capacity, Europe falls below 1%

According to data released by IC Insights, as of December 2014 the world’s 300mm wafer production capacity in South Korea’s Samsung, SK Hynix two companies accounted for 35% of production capacity in which Samsung has occupied a 24% share.

Europe's presence in leading-edge chip manufacturing is practically insignificant at 2 percent by ownership of 300mm-diameter wafer fab and less than 1 percent by location, according to market research firm IC Insights. @analog-eetimes
300mm wafer manufacturing capacity by fab location and ownership based on 4.2 million wafers, December 2014. Source: IC Insights.

If you are not in the headquarters area, but Fab view, South Korea also dominated 28% of global capacity, Samsung and SK Hynxi ​​has large 300mm wafer Fab in Korea, but SK Hynix Fab is in China.

Taiwanese companies account for 21% of the world’s 300mm wafer capacity, of which 85% of OEM business, and the remaining 15% is mainly storage business. Most are local Taiwanese company has a 300mm wafer Fab, the only exception is the Taichung 300mm wafer fab Micron, South Asia and China cooperation has been owned Micron.

In addition, the overseas of Taiwanese company is the sole owner of the UMC Fab in Singapore.

Table 1, only 15% of 300mm wafer production capacity in North America, but 30% of the wafer capacity in North America is actually controlled by the Company.

North America plays host to 15 percent of global production on 300mm wafers but North American companies own 28 percent of the manufacturing capacity.

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