After two long years, Sony’s PlayStation VR headsets are now available in the market, allowing the PlayStation 4 gamers to enter the new virtual world of gaming along with some really amazing games as the launch titles.

Sony’s PlayStation VR Works With the Xbox One and PC

According to the multiple reports, the PlayStation VR is compatible with the rivalry’s Xbox One and PC platforms, but with limited functions. The reports suggest that the Xbox One and the PC can be connected to the headset’s processing unit via HDMI cable, which will lead the users to the dashboard of the Xbox One or the desktop of their system.

As announced earlier, the PS VR features Cinematic Mode, a big floating screen ranging from 117 to 226 inches in size and allows the users to watch and play the applications designed for VR or even the simple 2D programs. However, the PlayStation VR users trying to play the headset with the Xbox One or PC won’t be able to enjoy head tracking or the 360 degree sound built system as the PS VR camera is only supported with the PlayStation 4.

One Xbox One gamer reported that the recently launched Gears of Wars 4 was playable in the PS VR’s big replicated screen. It must be noted that the image quality which users will be getting will differ from that of the original game as it is produced by the VR headset itself.

Sony’s PlayStation VR is now available for $399 and £349, including the VR headset, processing unit, connection cable, HDMI cable, stereo headphones, USB cable, power cord and an adaptor, while lacking the camera (which is required) and the PlayStation Move controllers (playable with some of the titles). Both of these can be purchased separately for about $60 and $40 respectively. Else, there’s a PlayStation VR available that includes the headset and the rest of the two peripherals for about $499. Stay tuned for more updates!

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