It seems that Sony unlocked the 7th core of the PlayStation 4 for game developers. This option has been available since the last SDK update, which took place in early November this year. The information made available in the description of a new patch for the FMOD audio API. Importantly, in a similar way information flowed to unlock the seventh core of Xbox One.

Sony unlocked the 7th CPU Core of PS4 with new Update


Most of you probably know that the PS4 and Xbox One are equipped with AMD’s eight-core APU based on the architecture of the Jaguar. Previously, developers were not able to take advantage of the full power circuits due to Sony and Microsoft. Initially, both Sony equipment as well as Microsoft makes available the six cores, and the other to handle other tasks, including system interface. In January this year, the company from Redmond has decided to provide access to the seventh core and now It seems that Sony went the footsteps of Microsoft.

In describing the latest patches for API FMOD we find an entry which clearly indicates that the creators were given the opportunity to take advantage of the seventh core:

Firelight Technologies FMOD Studio API 
Detailed Revision History 
17/11/15 1.07.03 - Studio API patch release (build 69975) 

LowLevel API - When using System::recordStart the provided FMOD::Sound can now be any channel count, up/down mixing will be performed as necessary. 
LowLevel API - Improved performance of convolution reverb effect when wet is 0 or input goes idle. 
LowLevel API - PS4 - Added FMOD_THREAD_CORE6 to allow access to the newly unlocked 7th core.

It is true that information has not been confirmed by the Japanese, but the news leaked out in exactly the same way as in the case of the Xbox One. There is also a description of changes in the FMOD found the entry for the seventh core:

22/01/15 05/01/11 - Studio API patch release
  • Lowlevel APIs - Xbox One - Added access this 7th CPU core.

It is difficult to say that how developers will take advantage of new resources. It is worth mentioning that in the case of Microsoft’s console access to the seventh core is limited and developers cannot use its full capacity. For this reason, the differences in performance are to be really small. It is not yet known how the matter came up with Sony, but we should not expect significant differences.

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