Sony announced that on April 4 they will launch its 4k movie streaming service ‘UltraViolet’, which will directly compete with Amazon or Netflix. The reason is quite simple, all movies on this service will be available on a 4K HDR (High Dynamic Range) quality, but the serious problem is that, it does not offer a monthly subscription service, so you have to pay a cost of $30 for each movie, on the other side Netflix began offering 4K streaming last year. The difference between the two services will be stark, beginning with price point: Netflix only charges $11.99 per month to upgrade from its standard $7.99 service.

Sony UltraViolet: 4k Streaming Service Will Go live In April


Some of the initial titles will be the Men in Black, Spiderman, Ghostbusters, Looper, Elysium, etc, but at such prices, it is expected that the platform is born to death and if we take into account their competence and anyone want to pay so much money for a film that has already seen years although its quality is superior, unless they are films of high caliber, that is not the case. This service is expected to be implemented in the already rumored PlayStation 4K.

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