It seems like Sony is ready to make another move, as Sony Computer Entertainment filed an application for registering a new logo at the Japanese Patent and Trademark office. We can say it would be an application related to the Playstation or may be a device.

The details from trademark notice are following:

[Serial Number 2014-93301]
Trademark: [Image]
Applicant: Sony Computer Entertainment Inc.
Filing date: November 6, 2014
Classification: 9 (electronic applications, machinery and other parts thereof), 38 (telecommunications etc.), 41

The upper trademark notice is giving us nothing for hit apart from Sony Computer Entertainment (lol). But we can focus on one thing which is class 9 and class 41. As Class 9 is related to the gaming and class 41 relates to the online gaming.  Now if you see the logo clearly it’s giving us a look of Playstation button which is wearing a headset. So for now we can say that Sony is going to launch playstation headsets.

We are still waiting for the official news, I hope Sony will soon come up with a news related this mysterious logo. What you think it could be? Place your thoughts below.

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