Sony is all set to host a special event focused on the PlayStation VR next month, on 15th March in San Francisco, CA. The event is scheduled for the same week and location where this year’s Game Developer’s Conference will take place.

Sony to host PlayStation VR Event next month

Sony revealed PlayStation VR during Game Developer’s Conference 2014, which was titled as ‘Project Morpheus’ then. Meanwhile, we are expecting that the company might reveal the final release date and retail price of their VR headset during this event.

Sony PlayStation VR

A few days ago, GameStop’s CEO stated that the PlayStation VR is releasing this fall during his interview with FOX news, while Sony refuted the claims of GameStop’s CEO. According to the reports, chief of PlayStation, Andrew House stated that the headset will be “priced as a new gaming platform“.

Price of this VR headset is one of the major concern as of now, due to the reason that two major competitors, Oculus Rift and HTC Vive revealed the official prices of Windows PC VR with the recommended system requirements. Oculus Rift’s headset is priced at $599 and HTC Vive’s at $799, both are set for launch in the month of March and early April respectively.

Stay tuned for more updates!

Source: PlayStation Universe

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