Audiophiles endlessly strive to reduce interference. It’s not just limited to the sound system, speakers, amplifiers, and further – the biggest geeks are even able to go further with a thousand meter audio cable in order to reduce the unpleasant effects. The company Sony is well aware of this fact, which has a portfolio of high quality even wireless headphones and speakers and recently also joined refreshed Walkman (Sony ZX2 Walkman powered by Android). The latest idea of the Japanese company can still be a big surprise.

Sony has unveiled a memory card that has been created for those who particularly appreciate the high quality of the sound. From next month on Japanese shelves there will be a microSDXC  type card – model Sony SR-64HXA. 64-gigabyte media will be sold for about $ 160, which is roughly five times more when we compare it with standard microSDXC cards. What are the benefits we get for the money? According to the manufacturer Sony SR-64HXA significantly reduced the level of interference while reading data.

Although the memory card rather not associate with the element, which could be designed just for audiophiles. It is worth noting that the audiophiles (as players) like to search for products targeted just for them. Sony itself admits that they have no idea that the card will be a success or not. A Japanese giant spokeswoman said:

“We are not sure of what will be the demand for this product. We think, however, that there are people among us, for which excellent sound quality is particularly important. And they may want this card “.

Source: WSJ

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