After a slowdown in sales because everyone has already expected the PlayStation 4 Pro and future discounts on Black Friday, Sony is proud to announce that during Black Friday they were able to sell more than 2 million PlayStation 4 / Pro.

Sony Sold More Than 2 Million PlayStation 4 During The Black Friday


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Black Friday in the United States alone generated 3,340 million dollars in sales  (in one day, not like here that lasted up to 1 week), which reveals the importance of this day, which is why Sony promoted offers quite good prices and quite succulent joined packs with the latest games such as the Watch Dogs 2 or Call of Duty to grab the maximum possible sales, and it worked pretty well.

Unfortunately, the company did not reveal how many PlayStation 4 Slim and PlayStation 4 Pro were sold to get an overall idea of the popularity and to confirm the slowdown in sales of the original PlayStation 4 because users preferred to wait and make the jump to its most powerful variant. Obviously, the second benefit of all this goes to AMD, which has seen hit because Sony has sold 2 million consoles worldwide that will help AMD to get a large order of its APUs for replenishment of the stock.

There have been plenty of deals for Playstation 4 Slim and the Playstation 4 Pro Consoles during Black Friday, so we would not be surprised if Ubisoft is right on the money.

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