Sony took advantage of the E3 2017 to update a little information regarding the number of consoles sold, stating that they have sold a total of 60.4 million consoles (PlayStation 4 + PlayStation 4 Pro) to users.

Sony has more than 26M paid subscribers on PlayStation Plus

PlayStation 4 Pro

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These numbers are extraordinary in comparison to the Xbox One, where it is estimated that Microsoft has not yet reached 29 million consoles sold,  a difficult thing to check when Microsoft itself announced more than a year ago that they will not give information about the number of consoles sold and I believe we all know the reason! It is due to the big difference from rival camp.

In terms of games sold, the thing improves, as the company has seen how players have bought more than 487.8 million games (both physical and digital editions), giving an average of 8 games per console sold. On the other hand, the subscription to the payment service reveals another gold lode, as there are more than 26.4 million subscribers to the PlayStation Plus service. Active PS4 users worldwide spend more than 600 million hours in total, per week on the platform as of end of March 2017. Unfortunately the company still does not offer separate numbers to know the impact of the PS4 Pro on the market.

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