Two years ago, Sony announced virtual reality headsets for the PlayStation 4 console, codenamed as Project Morpheus which was later termed as PlayStation VR.

Sony Shares New Details on PlayStation VR Cinematic Mode

Sony’s PlayStation VR is all set for launch later this year, with some of the games being released alongside the PS VR such as Star Wars, Final Fantasy XV and some others as well. Sony’s President Andrew House also announced a ‘PlayStation VR Cinematic Mode‘. Interestingly, this feature would allow PlayStation 4 gamers to turn every game playable on PlayStation VR.

The PS VR Cinematic Mode comes in three different sizes, i.e., small, medium and large. The large one will be equal to a 226 inch screen, giving some real cinematic experience to the players. Sony reportedly had a very hard while fitting the screen in the player’s field of view. By default, it will be using medium size, while the players can choose any of the three by themselves.

playstation vr cinematic mode

The PS VR is set for launch on October 13th with a price tag of $399. It won’t include a camera, which is required for running the vr headset, though it can be purchased separately, costing $60. Stay tuned for more updates!