Sony wasn’t in any mood to be modest about its line-up of games at E3 2014 and stole the limelight from arch rival Microsoft. It’s got a much stronger portfolio of titles than Microsoft and it knows it. It’s undeniable and clear to see that the PS4 is the console system trying its hardest to deliver on the next-gen dream.

Sony sets itself as the leader in next gen console gaming this E3

While Microsoft was humble, delivering a stripped-back presentation of good quality games, Sony went out all-guns blazing, taking full advantage of the hype wave that happens once a year. Exclusives, new IP, shiny hardware, big numbers, confident executives and a roll-call of stunning trailers and gameplay footage – this is what we pay for. We were on the E3 hype train from the moment Destiny burst across the screens….

Straight out the gate, Sony turned heads with a white Destiny PS4 bundle and beta access, a mix of gameplay and trailer that showed The Order: 1886 as a Resident Evil throwback, and then rolled into an experimental art project called Entwind that’s available right here, right now on the PSN store. This was a show where indie and blockbuster shared the stage, which is a rare thing a studio would do. All the numbers favour the PS4 while the Xbox One follows chugging behind with weaker specs and a lame marketing strategy, even MS’ hopes of boosting the Xbone sales by dropping Kinect proved to be a temporary boost while Sony’s E3 numbers are bringing the tide back to Ps4.

To have a glimpse,
Sony enthralled the onlookers by coughing up more games and having genuine fun on stage. One of Sony’s strengths is that it has the characters in its executive team and knows how to play them. Andrew House is the right side of business casual. Shu Yoshida is the quiet exec who plays games and understands the creative process. Adam Boyes is a fanboy doing his dream job. Even new chap Shawn Layden managed to kick-start his own what-are-his-hands-doing the meme.

Games were everywhere and in welcome variety. Far Cry 4 and its wild elephants, No Man’s Sky’s sense of exploration, Bloodborne’s dark adventure. PC strategy darling Paradox was welcomed to the PlayStation family, The Last of Us seeped into Diablo III, Grim Fandango was raised from the dead, Let It Die ushered in the return of Suda 51.

PS4 was the focus, but Morpheus and Vita got the right amount of love too. Sony has a big games business and a bigger story to tell than its rival, so the conference rambled in places. Microsoft’s briefing had been a bullet point list of games, release dates and extra content the Xbox One can offer. Sony’s show took a more scattershot approach. Some games are available right now, others are due in 2015. It was a little confused, but it didn’t really matter because here’s that new Metal Gear trailer and ultimately, the unexpected yet most anticipated title for next gen consoles and PC made its appearance( yes, am talking about GTA V)… And what’s more? Sony had the honors to run the game in it’s flagship for the reveal trailer of the latest instalment of the open world franchise..Though Rockstar surprised us with this announcement..The PS4 will have its own distinction as the first next gen console to run the game, yet again ousting its rival.

GTA 5 for PC

Sony’s show this E3 has set the ball rolling… More to its favor! So still we XboxOne stay as the underdog, until then
Time only Knows

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