You are among the supporters of the smartphone from Sony Xperia? If so, then you do not like the latest news from the camp of the Japanese manufacturer. Previously we have reported that due to Sony’s financial results we could see the possible resignation from the production of Smartphones and TVs. It looks as the crisis has affected them far more than you could believe and should have already indicated.

Sony resigns from the production of Smartphones


The first information indicating a worse financial condition Sony appeared in mid-January. It was then suggested that the manufacturer may opt out of the two departments that currently do not bring him profit responsible for smartphones and TVs. A little later it turned out that the mobile department starcił 1000 employees and this is only the beginning of major changes. However, instead of looking for solutions, the manufacturer intends to probably get rid of what according to him, there is no future.

Kazuo Hirai, CEO of Sony, said recently that the manufacturer “will focus on those areas of activity that generate profits and have the potential growth and relatively low risk of loss”.

Unfortunately branch of Sony, which does not fit in the above description is mainly mobile division. According to sources, Forbes and the Wall Street Journal, the manufacturer has already decided to sell and therefore resigned himself to leave the mobile sector. Mobile division can be sold later this year, although at the moment working on in preparation devices do not cease.

Perhaps the decision will be changed for the warm welcome model Xperia Z4. The problem is that any delayed any will made a difficult situation to identify the elements that make this model could break out against a very wide range of competition. Sony would be tempted with something really eye-catching, what the current situation can be difficult.

And although officially resign from the production of smartphones has not been confirmed we all know that such a large number of reports on the topic have never appeared without reasons.

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Source: forbes

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