Finally, Sony will be releasing its long awaited PlayStation VR headsets later this year. The virtual reality headsets were announced by the company back in 2014 code named as Project Morpheus when the hype for the virtual reality based gaming was increasing.

Sony Plans to Ship 6 Million PlayStation VR Headsets This Year

Anyhow, as per the new report published by DigiTimes based on the Chinese Liberty Times, the Japanese tech giant company is expecting to sell out more than 6 million PlayStation VR devices this year due to stronger demand. This figure of more than 6 million shipments will amount around 67% of the virtual reality market worldwide. The report was based on the data estimation by Taipei-based Topology Research Institute. According to the report,

Demand for the PS VR headsets has been stronger than expected since the VR device was available for pre-sale in Japan in mid-June

While report also mentioned that other two VR headset manufacturers, Oculus Rift and HTC Vive plans to ship 2.3 million and 700,000 VR headsets respectively, around half of that which Sony will be shipping as per the estimation during the same period. Furthermore, it also stated that the VR hardware, except of mobile VR devices, is expected to cross around 50 million mark in shipments in the year 2020, up from the combined nine million this year.

Earlier this week during E3 press conference, Sony announced that the PlayStation VR will be available on October 13th with the unit price of $399. Two weeks ago, Sony held PlayStation VR demo around 30 big cities of the United States, giving PlayStation 4 gamers a chance to check out the virtual reality concept before they purchase the headset.

Source: DigiTimes