Yesterday evening, Microsoft has announced the Xbox One Chinese version, price and release date, from Sony side the PS4 at ChinaJoy is still remaining on the publicity trail. But Sony seems a little bit worried about revenue generated from PS4, Sony is now working on the price factor and they are managing to reduce the hardware production cost of PS4.

Sony Manages to Reduce PS4 Hardware Production Cost


As we all know, PS4 performance is higher than the Xbox One, but the price is the same $ 400,  the news had also been reported that to display on the screen the complete hardware cost of PS4 the price difference is only about $18, basically no Profit for them. If they count other operating expenses than they are even in the loss, plus they are giving many sales that Microsoft Xbox One so the loss figures also increasing in the practice.

Reduce the cost production of Sony PS4 game hardware is the only available option their, and network services sector is now working on it. They reported in the previous fiscal, said lower hardware costs can be expected to bring a 25% revenue growth.

For the recent problems encountered in the revenue of Sony, profit is the first priority, and therefore should not have PS4 recent price cuts, and now we can only hope that the hardware do not shrink too much and not too mainstream price, just Fine !!