In recent hours, Sony has published a statement in reference to the PAX East event, which is one of the first events of the video game industry in this 2020. In that report, the video game company has indicated that it will not attend to the event due to the coronavirus.

The Last of Us

“We felt this was the safest option as the situation is changing daily,” the company said in an updated blog post. “We are disappointed to cancel our participation in this event, but the health and safety of our global workforce is our highest concern.”

The fact that a company leaves an event is not strange to us anymore, especially due to the cancellation of MWC 2020, which had to close because all firms decided not attend it for the same reason, coronavirus. However, the news of Sony has caught many by surprise, because the event is held in Boston, United States, and for now no compelling reason has forced other firms to cancel their attendance.

With the cancellation by Sony, we won’t be able to see the first gameplay demo of The Last of Us 2, which was already confirmed. Similarly, activities related to Demos of other Sony games, such as DOOM Eternal, Nioh 2, Marvel’s Iron Man VR, Spelunky 2 will also be canceled.