The curious story of today, because after news that the modder “Twisted ” launched its own application (PC Remote Play) to stream the PlayStation 4 from a PC or a tablet based on the Windows operating system, Sony announced the Remote Play Function that offer the same service officially for both PC and Mac computers. After the company has seen that the interest has raised in remote play they started to work on its own solution, but it will be available from Q1 of next year (2016).

Sony is Officially working on PS4 Remote Play with PC and Mac


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With this update the Sony console will be up to the Xbox One already can be played from a Windows PC or tablet remotely.

Remote play is nothing new for Sony, of course, the Vita can take streamed PS4 games, as can a range of Xperia devices and the PlayStation TV mini-console, so hopefully it won’t take too long for Sony to catch up and get the functionality to desktop systems.

Via: Eteknix

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