Still a Rumor so take this news with a pinch of salt!!

Crytek has now finally tasted the insult, injury from their developers, when they stop doing work because of salary issues, this all starts with the development of the Xbox One exclusive Rysee: The Son of Rome they bear the very huge loss in the development due to the less sale. Recently their developers have stopped doing the work of the Homefront: The Revelotion. Crytek and publisher Deep Silver are discussing “Homefront: Revolution issue, the next move, we want them to be able to solve the “Homefront 2 as soon as possible. But now the twist comes from Sony side! Industry insiders Tidux has recently released a series of tweets to display, Sony head may be considering whether to buy Homefront: The Revolution or Ryse: The Son Of Rome.

Sony interested in buying Ryse: Son of Rome or Homefront: The Revolution

However, according to industry insiders Tidux recently released a series of tweets to display, take a look at those tweets:

Sony interested in buying Ryse:The Son of RomeSony interested in buying Ryse:The Son of Rome


Now some interesting questions are coming in mind, why did Sony jump in this matter to rescue the Crytek? Crytek launched a platform for Microsoft’s Xbox One Ryse: The Son of Rome, will this Xbox One exclusive will become the part of Sony PS4 also?
Of course, now there we are looking forward to the “Homefront: The Revolution”, this may also become the PS4 exclusive.


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