According to the latest report published by PlayStation Life Style and NeoGAF, Sony Computer Entertainments filed up to three patents for the Glove Controller and its use with head mounted display, which is assumed to be used with the upcoming PlayStation VR headset.

Sony Files Patent for Glove Controller for its use with PlayStation VR

As per report, the patents were filed back in October, 2014 but the US Patent & Trademark office published it on their website on 25th February, 2016. Following is the abstract and summary from the patent filed;

A glove interface object is provided, comprising: at least one flex sensor configured to generate flex sensor data identifying a flex of at least one finger portion of the glove interface object; at least one contact sensor configured to generate contact sensor data identifying a contact between a first portion of the glove interface object and a second portion of the glove interface object; a communications module configured to transmit the flex sensor data and the contact sensor data to a computing device for processing to determine a finger position pose of the glove interface object, the finger position pose being applied for rendering a virtual hand in a view of a virtual environment on a head-mounted display (HMD), the virtual hand being rendered based on the identified finger position pose.

[0012] In accordance with embodiments of the invention, a glove interface object is provided for enabling a user to interact with an interactive application, such as a video game. The glove interface object can incorporate various types of devices to facilitate various types of functionality. In some implementations, the glove interface object includes flex sensors which are capable of detecting the amount of flexing of the user’s fingers. In some implementations, the glove interface object includes pressure sensors, mounted to various locations such as the fingertips and/or the palm, which are capable of detecting when pressure is applied to such areas, and the magnitude of such pressure. In some implementations, the glove interface object includes touch switches, which are configured to detect contact between one portion of the user’s hand and another portion of the same hand or the user’s other hand. For example, touch switches may detect when a user’s thumb touches any of the other fingers on the same hand, and/or when any of those other fingers touches the palm of the user’s hand. In some implementations, the glove interface object includes an index-thumb touchpad, that is configured to detect contact between the user’s thumb and the side of the index finger, and define variable input based on the location along the side of the index finger that is being contacted by the thumb.

[0013] As used herein, a glove interface object may be utilized as a glove controller for a video game. However, it should be understood that the glove interface object does not necessarily have to be a controller utilized for playing games, but may be used for interfacing with virtual objects on a display screen viewable by a user, and for any other suitable purpose for which input defined from the glove interface object may be applied. It should be appreciated that the present invention can be implemented in numerous ways, such as a process, an apparatus, a system, a device or a method on a computer readable medium.

It also provided some of the pictures related to the usage of glove controller, have a look below;

Sony glove patent 1


sony glove patent 2

You can have a full look at the patent report which was published lately here. Release date and price for the PlayStation VR are yet to be announced by Sony. The company is holding PlayStation VR focused event next month at GDC, on March 15th, and we expect to hear the other unannounced detail during that event. Stay tuned for more updates!

Via: WCCFTech

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