This morning Sony Chinese official microblogging exposes a mysterious machine, also accompanied by a text: “If you look for a road, why should I go to find out how long.” For now this picture has been deleted from the @Sony Chinese official microblogging, but we have retained it for you.

Sony exposes a mysterious new machine


The design style totally different from the previous released by Sony, it is more like Huawei, from the picture, the device borders are very narrow, a small circle at the bottom should be touching the Home key, the left and right on the border have a card slot on Sony’s device is the first time I saw this tray slot. On the left side there is a volume control key on the right is the power switch and the camera button, button style are totally different from the previous releases of Sony phones.

Front camera located at the top in the middle, the big shots, the camera should be a relatively high resolution, 3.5mm headphone jack, the size of this flagship should be more than 5 inches. However, from this point of view, this picture should be Sony’s copyright, as Sony issued this picture at the end what purpose, only God knows.

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