Sony has announced this week that it plans to close all its outlets in Canada. Their company has total fourteen stores in Canada: three stores in Vancouver, two in Calgary, one in Edmonton, Montreal, Ottawa and Quebec City, three in Toronto and Mississauga and Newmarket. At the close of all the shops devoted six to eight weeks.

Sony closes all its retail stores in Canada

Sony CEO

About 90 employees of stores with complete and incomplete working day will be dismissed. According to the press secretary of Sony, in the future the company will market its products through third-party retailers, as well with the help of online stores. They promised to support of authorized retailers.

However, a spokesman for Sony declined to explain the reasons for the closure of shops: this step is associated with the restructuring, reduction of fixed costs or changes in doing business in Japan.

In September, Sony announced that it expects the current fiscal year of about $2.1 billion in losses. Due to the difficult financial situation of the company had to give up a number of business areas. For the first time in the history of Sony they suspended the dividend payments. But this is not the end, because major changes have touched departments responsible for the production of smartphones and televisions.

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