Developed by the Sony-led Blu-ray technology has been widely used in high-definition TV and video games, but with the rise of digital imaging technology and data storage needs, the industry desperately needs a larger capacity discs to meet the demand.

For this scenario, Sony and Panasonic with their partnership introduce the Latest developments for the Next-Generation of Blu-ray named as Archival Disc.

Additionally, Sony has confirmed what they will launch a prototype of 300GB Blu-ray Archival Disc in the Q2 of 2015, Currently, Sony has confirmed that will launch a capacity of 300GB Blu-ray Disc Archival summer of 2015, and after this time they will move to the higher capacity, such discs, making it possible to reach the final 500GB and 1TB data storage capacity. Compared to the current 50GB Blu-ray, the maximum data capacity jumped 20-fold.

Sony next-generation Blu-ray Disc Archival has introduced 300GB, 500GB and 1TB capacity version

Sony Blu-ray Disc Archival has introduced 300GB, 500GB and 1TB capacity versions

The First 300GB of Archival Blu-ray has three data layers, the track pitch of 0.225 microns, data bit length is 79.5 nm, using the Reed-Solomon Code error correction technology.

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