Sony has finally decided to add an extra layer of protection for PlayStation Network users by adding the two-factor authentication while logging into their accounts.

This is indeed much needed step by the company for security purpose. Two-factor authentication refers to the additional step required for logging into one’s account such as Steam, Xbox Live and many more other services are enabled with this layer of security.

When users log into their account, they will receive another code on their phones via SMS, which will be needed to log into the account. This helps both the users as well as the company in securing a user’s account with several personal information inside it. According to the Sony, passwords can be compromised while this additional layer of security may prevent your account from someone as it requires a verification code.

By requiring two forms of identification for sign-in, your account and personal information will be better protected. Make your account stronger by adding a second layer of security by requiring your password along with your verification code.

This addition of an extra layer in the security recalled us with greater security hack into the PlayStation Network five years ago in 2011, due to which 77 million registered accounts were affected and their information was exposed. This massive hack led Sony to shut down its PSN services for around 23 days, after which Sony made big efforts to re-shape and then restore the PlayStation Network back.

Via: Sony

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