Songza, a music streaming platform with 5.5 million active monthly users and 9,279 Alexa rank now belongs to Google for $15,000,000. It was reported early last week that Google has been talking with Songza about buying them out.

Large music companies like Pandora and Spotify have always been in the front and dominant in this music streaming business and sitting idle isn’t a part of Google’s code.

The reason behind the acquisition of Songza according to Google is that music doesn’t respond to search algorithms and isn’t as simple as the images and the media.

Spotify has around 40 million active monthly users which makes around 14% of Songza but that is not going to stop Google from anything.

Google’s acquisition mode is already activated as they’ve lately bought map-software provider Waze. Seems like the company doesn’t care about any obstacles or hurdles when their sights are set on a target.

A list of companies which Google bought in the year of 2014 including Songza:

  • Bitspin
  • Nest Labs, Inc
  • Impermium
  • DeepMind Technologies
  • SlickLogin
  • GreenThrottle
  • Titan Aerospace
  • Rangespan
  • Adometry
  • Appetas
  • Stackdriver
  • MyEnergy
  • Quest Visual
  • Divide
  • Skybox Imaging
  • mDialog
  • Alpental Technologies
  • Dropcam
  • Appurify
  • Songza
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