Sony’s new console in the PlayStation 4 cycle is finally here. PlayStation 4 Pro, the most powerful gaming console till date was launched yesterday across several regions of the world along with some supported titles so the players can enjoy the games at a higher resolution and smoother experience.

Some PlayStation 4 Pro Games Performing Worse Than PlayStation 4 – Report

Result of most of the games on PlayStation 4 Pro has been satisfactory in terms of frame rates and gaming at 4K resolution, but according to a report published by Eurogamer after a detailed analysis, some of the titles such as The Last of Us, Skyrim Special Edition, Deus Ex Mankind Divided and Mantis Burn Racing are running slower than the standard PlayStation 4.

The report claims that switching the games to 1080p resolution offers enhanced visual quality with the help of down sampling, but in some areas of the game, performance remains downgraded whereas at 4K resolution, the game demands more hardware power, leading to inconsistent frame rates and that something PS4 Pro owners can’t do anything to address that. Maybe these specific titles will receive updates in the near future to fix the issues.

It must be noted that the case varies from title to title, as not every game faces performance and frame rate issue on the PlayStation 4 Pro. Most of the titles are running great on the new console at 4K resolution and rock solid 30 fps. Maybe these issues are a result of bad optimization or due to some issues while porting the game for PS4 Pro.

PlayStation 4 Pro is now available for $399. Microsoft is also working on its own high-end, 4K capable gaming console featuring 6 TFlops.

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