After knowing the possibility of Overclocking Intel Skylake “non-K” CPUs,  era of unlocking the GPU is behind us, as the manufacturers of Graphics cards prevent this instance by laser, so physically cutting off individual blocks of the GPU. It turns out, the owners of the Asus Radeon R9 Fury STRIX graphics cards are lucky and they can manage to unlock all 4096 stream processors of their GPU, reaching a state corresponding to the Fiji XT GPU Core (Radeon R9 Fury X). This was achieved on some Radeon R9 Fury namely a model Strix under the DirectCU III cooling system. The first possibility of unlocking the GPU appeared on a forum XtremeSystems, where the user 2good4you has successfully unlocked Fiji from 3840 stream processors to 4096 stream processors. This suggests that at least some ASUS Strix cards assembles the full version of the AMD, namely Fiji XT and the lock is carried out by methods other than physical (usually irreversible).

Some ASUS Radeon R9 Fury ‘STRIX’ Graphic Cards Can Be Unlocked


But before all card holders of Asus Radeon R9 Fury Strix with DirectCU III will rush to modify and counting on the fact that their GPU will gain greater performance, it should be noted that it is not yet known how many of these cards are available in the market. Probably the matter is limited to a specific batch of the product, and in addition it can be possible that they were sent to selected regions of the world or even countries. On the web you can find an application that allows potentially unlock each processor in the AMD Hawaii, Tonga and Fiji. So you can check that your candy be unlocked or not.

As always, it is worth explaining why they take up such cases. In the production of graphics processors, as with all (particularly large, complex) integrated circuits with a line coming down units with different characteristics. Not all ICs meet the standards established in advance and one of the core silicon can be created several different products. For the GPU part of the system may be a faulty part of the calculation blocks. Such systems are separated from those of non-disabled and usually establishes a new specification (performed by the largest possible part of the system) and mounted on graphics cards. In this way, just for example, Radeon Fury X, Radeon R9 Fury or GeForce GTX 980 and GeForce GTX 970 graphics processors are separated but they are not identical. It happens that some of them are more efficient than the arithmetic blocks determined by the manufacturer. Unless they have been cut off physically (laser), but blocked at the example. BIOS, it is possible to activate them, but if your chip is not strong you might see artifacts while gaming or even hardware and drivers can crash.



Another possibility is that, the production of the weaker graphics cards sometimes uses a graphics processor, which originally were intended for a higher model. To maintain supplies, and so do not discourage each other distributors or retail chains, manufacturers sometimes use the opportunity to use stronger GPU core for the weaker GPU cards, using software already mentioned the method of blocking the relevant part of the computational unit, so that the specifications on paper agreed with the product. Perhaps, we can assume that ASUS might use some of the Fiji XT on Radeon R9 Fury Strix, which should hit the Radeon Fury X Programmatically with limited number of stream processors from 4096 to 3584, used new clocks and thus obtained Radeon R9 Fury.


The above-mentioned user 2good4you not only unlocked the hidden stream processors, but also unlocked the texturing units, and said that the GPU has still a lot of potential to overclock. While maintaining low noise fan, GPU clock set at 1,050 MHz and volts to 1.19 V at up to 1150 MHz graphics processor admittedly could turn up, but it was necessary to significantly increase the voltage to 1.3 V, and this is the way it enforced to achieve the maximum the fan speed on the card. Of course Overclocking is sometimes different and it should be remembered that even if the GPU can unlock the full specifications of the Radeon R9 Fury X, but the Overclocking potential can be very different.

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