The indie studio Solarfall Games launched the Kickstarter campaign of its new hack and slash open-world developed with powerful graphics engine CryEngine. Defined by its creators as an action RPG next-Gen, Umbra mix the gameplay of classics like Diablo II with amazing graphics, accompanied with a really modern artificial intelligence (AI system Kythera).


Solarfall Games seek to raise $225,000 to finance the campaign, which does not seem very exaggerated given the huge potential of this sensational action RPG being developed by a handful of people.

Creating your character is free, deep and with a high degree of customization. In Umbra we can build our own home with materials collected from the surrounding area, and exploration and experimentation benefit the player with new powers. During the Kickstarter, the study revealed the Apocalyptic Form mechanics that allow players to transform into demonic shapes complemented by a high level of customization.

In case of achieving additional goals, Umbra will have multiplayer cooperative, PVP and Vs IA, plus the way Dungeon Challenge will allow us to transform our house into a dungeon and challenge another player to survive the hordes of enemies.

You can read more information on the website of the Kickstarter campaign Umbra.