Rebellion Developments released the launch trailer for the upcoming shooter, the Sniper Elite 4 entitled as ‘Timing is Everything’, showcasing a plenty of in-game action.

The Sniper Elite 4 is almost two days away from its and the developer Rebellion Developments decided to unveil the details related to the system specs for PC, season pass, and revealed the launch trailer for the game. Check out the game’s launch trailer below;

The developer also provided all the details regarding the season pass, costing $34.99. The season pass will include all the pre-order bonus for the contents, a campaign mission Führer, where players will use the secret Mediterranean U-boat facility, use wits, and different ways of taking down the targets.

It will also bring Camouflage rifle skin pack, all of the seven sniper skins for use in any mode.

Furthermore, it will bring;

  • Three extra campaign missions: a separate three-chapter campaign telling the story of how protagonist Karl Fairburne escapes Italy.
  • Three extra expansion packs: to be released alongside a campaign mission, each expansion will include three new weapons, eight weapon skins, and two new characters for use in co-op and multiplayer.
  • Yet more expansion packs: more weapons, including silenced weapons, famous historical allied wartime rifles, and close-quarters weapons and equipment, as well as three more co-op and multiplayer characters.

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The studio assured the fans that all the other future content such as maps and game modes will be available for all the players, irrespective of the season pass. On the other news, the Sniper Elite 4 pre-load is now available from Steam and requires 47 GB of disk space.

The game is due on Tuesday, February 14th for PC, PS4 and Xbox One. Stay tuned for more updates!