The following news for a Gamer using Xbox One platform will definitely make you very egg pain. According to foreign media reports. Latest Next-generation shooter game ” Sniper Elite 3 ” for Xbox One version the first patch is of 10Gb, while the other platforms the patch is very small in size. This patch will fix various issues and also bring the game installations size from 21Gb to 19Gb.

Sniper Elite 3 for Xbox One Has a 10Gb Day-One Patch

Sniper Elite 3 for Xbox One 10Gb update

Xbox One version of “Sniper Elite 3 ” is in Size almost same as the Original Installation file which is of 21Gb. The 14GB data will be replaced by 10Gb patch and it’s become 19Gb.

Rebellion has Although explained that they have a lot of pressure, So this is the reason behind such a great first day update, and improved the work carried out in the game alone, subsequent DLC and online aspects involved. The official said the patch would make the game appear more stable. The 10Gb patch would be looking headache, but it’s worth downloading.

A 10GB Update players how do you see it? Place your thoughts below!!

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