In the recent past few days, Nintendo confirmed that it will discontinue the production of NES Classic Mini and some of the fans were disappointed as well. But news of the day is that Nintendo might be working on a new mini console SNES Mini for its market.

According to the report published by Euro Gamer, the Japanese company has already started the work on SNES Mini and the console is planned for release during the Christmas season of this year across the world.

According to the report, their sources have confirmed the development of mini console.

The SNES mini (or, to continue Nintendo’s official branding, likely the Nintendo Classic Mini: Super Nintendo Entertainment System) is currently scheduled to launch in time for Christmas this year. Development of the device is already under way, our sources have indicated.

Nintendo’s plans for SNES mini are also a major reason why last year’s NES mini did not see a reprieve from discontinuation, Eurogamer understands, despite the latter’s continued popularity and sell-out status.

Recently, the company also announced that they have halted the production of Nintendo Famicom temporarily. The news maybe surprising to many as the console was performing well in the market as well as the NES Classic Mini, which had around 15 million units being sold. Maybe the decision was taken so that work on a new console could be started.

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There are many speculations related to the company. Recently, American Investment Bank Citigroup predicted that the company will be launching Nintendo Switch Mini by the next fiscal year. Let’s see how everything goes in the coming months as there’s no official confirmation nor denial by the company.

If the company launches the SNES  Mini, there are chances that the console will have pre-installed games just like the NES Classic Mini. Stay tuned for more updates!

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