Much controversy has orbited around the Graphics cards performance with AMD in the launch of the acclaimed Project CARS. As many benchmarks have shown the first time, no AMD card could compete-in terms of frames per second results with their peers in the family of NVIDIA, which has forced Slightly Mad Studios to make an official announcement. According to them, all the information has circulated on Reddit was erroneous and malicious, so they were forced to release a list of details about each topic.

Slightly Mad Studio Release Statement about the Performance Issue with AMD Radeon GPUs


“In favor of correcting the wrong conclusions regarding the performance of Project CARS AMD GPU, the MADNESS engine and the degree of participation of our technical partners from third-party companies, Slightly Mad Studios points out the following facts:

  • Project CARS GameWorks is not a product. We have a great working relationship with Nvidia, as we have with AMD, but we have our own rendering technology that covers everything you need.
  • Nvidia is not “sponsor” of this project. The company has not, and do not expect financial assistance from third-party hardware companies.
  • The MADNESS PhysX engine runs only at 50Hz to 600Hz and not, as was mentioned in several articles.
  • The MADNESS engine uses PhysX for collision detection and dynamic objects, which is a small portion of the overall physical system.
  • The MADNESS PhysX engine does not use wheels for model SETA or coercion to resolve chassis (our two sub-systems of most demanding physical).
  • The MADNESS not use PhysX engine systems or artificial intelligence-ray emission, we used an optimized solution which we have already spoken.
  • Physical systems run completely independent of the rendering processes and the main game, and uses two cores to 600Hz.
  • The process does not interact with physical rendering, it is a pressure system sending updated positional information to render work to 600Hz.
  • Any performance difference with PhysX will not be reflected in differences when comparing rendering frame rates. No interaction between PhysX and rendering.
  • Overall, PhysX uses less than 10% of all physical processes in PC CPU. It is a very small part of the physical system, so there is no visual difference if it is run by CPU or GPU.
  • Direct both Nvidia and AMD have been fruitful relations in attending the performance of the game in various stages of development. Both AMD and Nvidia have access to functional builds of the game through the development and builds both have been tested and reported their results, and offered suggestions to improve performance.
  • Game tests with different driver versions have produced a variety of performance results in both hardware from Nvidia and AMD. This is entirely predictable, since changes in the driver may not always be tested in each game, with each plate, and is the reason why both companies produce specific driver profiles for each game, so make sure to get it better each game.
  • Project CARS specific technology does not use Nvidia particle – the system we use is a modified version of the same technology that we use in Need for Speed: Shift and Shift Unleashed, and was fully developed by our studio. The reason for the drop in performance when there are many particles on screen is simply because the process of a large number of particles is very demanding. “

It is fine to make these clarifications to know about the transparency of the studio and work with the manufacturers of Graphics cards, but never the reasons for the differences in performance are explained. AMD has promised new drivers over the course of the week, that would solve all these problems.

You can read our review of Project CARS on this link.

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