The famous Chinese Grand Theft Auto, I mean sleeping dogs will get a sequel Known as Sleeping dogs Triad wars, famous for it’s Grand Theft Auto feature but Chinese atmosphere where you can learn some badass kung-fu moves and beat the crap out of your enemies, there is also bike racing,car racing and a huge ton of DLCs with three DLC are story type while the others are some new weapons,police chase and many more. In all DLC the protagonist is Wei Shen who is an undercover police agent assigned to bring down the very gang he was raised upon.

Sleeping Dogs Triad wars to be revealed on Monday

Sleeping Dogs

Not only that the game had emotional scene, but also funny scene too,The DLC are awesome for example Nightmare in north point DLC was interesting I mean form beating gang members too beating zombies.Year of the snake make us do cop jobs,well we had cops in the main game but these one are more awesome like using a taser on criminals.The Zodiac Tournament which is based heavily on the famous Enter the Dragon movie starring Bruce Lee,In this DLC you fight other rivals and finally take down the bastard who started this.The other DLC are cool too but you will know more when you play them.

According to United front they will reveal the sequel Sleeping Dogs Triad wars on Monday and it will be an online game too,a bit sadnessWell the game is FAN-tasticing and personally I enjoyed every moment of Sleeping Dogs form riding boats to running on rooftops the game would had been a huge competitor to open world games like Grand Theft Auto and Watch Dogs,but then they decided to make it online well many of you are happy while others are sad but still I am happy to get a sequel to this game.Well more information will come on Monday.

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