Okay, everyone’s been busy with E3 hoping for potential rumours and bloopers from their favorite game developer’s side, but one of the clearest rumours we’ve heard is online store ShopTo has just listed an HD version of Sleeping Dogs that will be coming on PC, PS4 and Xbox One. While Square Enix has not announced anything as of yet, we kind of understand why this would make sense for it. After all, GTA V is also coming to current-gen consoles.

Sleeping Dogs HD for PS4 and XboxOne

The big question now is whether this is actually legit and whether this HD version will feature more graphical improvements than those found on the PC version. Not to forget that the PC version sported specific features and came with an HD Texture Pack.

Let’s hope that this will be a proper HD remake of United Front Games’ open world cop-crime sandbox title.

Place your thoughts below!!

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