British Sky will turn off your TV 3D channel. Not only that, they will do it as early as June. Does this mean that 3D TV is at the end of its glorious days?

The Sky 3D channel was launched in 2010 and had forever changed the way we watch television. Nothing like that had ever happened – channel noted very poor performance ratings. Now, after five years, the British company has decided to completely disable the Sky 3D – it will happen exactly on June 9.

In 2013, its 3D channel also excluded the BBC and the American ESPN. In both cases, the reason for taking this, and no other decision was the same: a complete lack of interest on the part of the subscribers.

People are reluctant to watch 3D channels for several reasons. First of all, in most cases, the programs are “3D” in name only. Besides, many viewers complain of dizziness and malaise while watching through sunglasses or immediately after their photo. Some recognize the necessity of putting on the sunglasses for unstated.

So it appears that the end of 3D on TV is near, and the Sky platform, it seems, hammered another nail in the coffin of this technology. You’ll miss?

Source: TechRadar, SatKurier, Digital Spy,

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